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With over 2 years experience in tech building and repairs, we have learned from specialists in the field as well as retro gamers to get the insides and out of every device in the business. Whether a PC, Laptop or Console, we offer the best service every time. The tech world is constantly changing, not to mention we have seen how important it is to keep to budget since COVID-19, which is exactly why you want someone who is always up to date on the latest tech and information, just like your device should be.

PC Building Service


Got the Parts? We can build it for you! 

Bring the parts to us and we will charge a one off fee. No matter the size or worth of the device.

(Does not include a fixed watercooling service)

PC Custom Pre Build Service

Quote of PC + 10%

Looking for something specific but don't know where to start? 
We have got you covered!

We will guide you in the right direction of what you would like within a set budget for what you need for your games. With the option of brand new or refurbished components, we will build the best PC for you. This will require a 20% deposit.

Laptop, or PC Upgrade Service

£30 + Part Costs

We can offer a same day service to upgrade your PC (Unless otherwise stated depending on part availability or shipment) to get you back up and running for just £30. We will provide advice and expertise as well as basic maintenance and cleaning to make sure your PC lasts longer.

PC Fixed Watercooling Building Service

- Currently Unavailable -

A PC Enthusiast? Looking to push the limits of every component? Or just going for looks?

Watercooling is the way to go. Contact us for a quote to make your PC the cutting edge of modern technology.

How Does it Work?

Contact us at contact@tgcomputing.uk with your choice of service and or questions.

We will discuss any arrangements as well as advice for the service being done. 
If the service is a Custom Pre-Build PC we will discuss the parts and custom arrangements being done to suit your needs and whether you would like brand new or used parts.

Once everything is set and agreed upon, we will start on the building process. We will keep you updated throughout the service.

Once the service is done, you just need to pick it up! 
And thats it!

  • We cannot guarantee any time-frame as this will vary on the delivery of parts as well as the amount of workload. However, we strive to get your device ready within 3-5 working days of ordering. 
  • For building a PC, once the parts have arrived we can build your PC during the same day! For watercooled PCs, this will increase up to a week. Please note, this may vary depending on the delivery of parts.
  • We promise to keep you informed throughout the entire process, including pricing of parts so there is no surprise bill when you receive back your device!

How Long Will it Take?

So What Can I Upgrade?

Solid State Drive

SSD's are the newest generation of storage with an M.2 SSD being up to 50x faster than a Hard Disk Drive. This is a perfect budget upgrade for any slow startups or downloads, not to mention being more efficient and reliable!


Modern PC's are equipped with some of the best seen hardware never seen before, yet they are limited to the heat they conduct. Make sure your PC is extra efficient with the right coolers and fans equipped to keep your hardware running smoothly.


Sometimes your system can become clogged and a fresh install of your operating system gives it the boost it needs alongside appropriate drivers. This is particularly helpful for those on a Hard Disk Drive.

General Hardware

The best way to upgrade any PC is to upgrade the hardware it runs on. From top end GPU's, to just faster RAM, upgrading your hardware has plenty of possibilities to improve your performance.

Being a separate individual business, we focus on every minor detail, giving you the opportunity in every PC to upgrade later down the line. We set you up with the best component for each part while keeping a fair balance within the system to give you a stress-free experience with limited bottlenecks.

Every device goes through rigorous testing including software tests like Cinebench, 3D Mark and other stability tests. We also ensure every component is at its very best with the most up-to-date BIOS' and enabling performance boosters like Extreme Memory Profiling. 

And of course, we cannot forget about looks. Every PC is clean and organised with cable management leaving you only with the best of your PC to look at.

Flawless Quality.

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